There’s something about fabric.


Simple stitches and weaves that make up the majority of objects we wear, sit on, sleep in and mop up with.


Textiles draw us in and make us want to reach out, confusing our senses and challenging our assumptions about art and what it is.


Rose with Crown, 2020
Finalist in the Percival Portrait Prize

Acrylic on canvas
90cm x 120cm


About me

My work addresses subconscious bias and ingrained stereotypes to restore power to the subject.


I seek to reframe stereotypical views through the use of materials that suggest ideas such as strength, resilience and fragility. Using layers and texture, I build upon what already exists to create work that engages the viewer and draws them in.


My work is held in public and private collections, and I have exhibited solo and as part of a group on multiple occasions in Australia and internationally.

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